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Vedic maths and competitive examination

  • October 06, 2023

Did you learn Vedic maths in your school days? Despite so many years of training and school education, we still use the calculator even for minute calculations. In this day and age, we must be well versed with the term Vedic maths. 

 Vedic maths is an ancient system of calculation comprising a collection of techniques and sutras to solve mathematical problems efficiently and at a faster rate. It includes 16 Sutras, formulae, and 13 sub-Sutras, sub-Formulae. Vedic Mathematics sutras can be applied to solve problems involving arithmetic, geometry, algebra, conics, and calculus. It has been proven beneficial for students and anyone practicing maths in saving time, increasing concentration power, expanding brain power, and memorizing. Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji discovered Vedic Maths between AD 1911 and 1918. Regarded as the Father of Vedic Maths, he published his findings in a book titled Vedic Mathematics in 1957, writing about the 16 Sutras.

Vedic maths can help increase calculations and number skills significantly; it will also be beneficial to those attending competitive examinations and to crack the exams more easily.  

Competitive exams are a great way to test any individual's knowledge and skills against others. Competitive exams are more challenging but also a reward if you do well. We can't say any exact time that one can crack the exams based on the dedication and focus that one individual is given to these. The main advantages of the competitive examination are 

• Assessment of Knowledge and Skills

• Standardized Evaluation

• Merit-based Selection

• Opportunities for Advancement

• Personal Development

• Recognition and Prestige

• Learning and Knowledge Enhancement

• Motivation and Goal Setting

  The primary use of Vedic maths in competitive exams is given below,

•Time-saving techniques for faster calculations - Vedic maths provides various shortcuts and tricks for faster computation. In competitive exams, time is often limited, and the ability to perform calculations quickly can give you an edge in completing the paper within the allotted time.

•Mental calculation skills for quick and accurate results - The skills introduced by Vedic maths are valuable in competitive exams for achieving rapid and precise results. These skills enable candidates to perform calculations mentally without relying heavily on pen and paper or calculators. By developing mental calculation abilities, candidates can save time, improve accuracy, enhance flexibility, build confidence, etc.

•Problem-solving strategies from different perspectives - Vedic maths provides problem-solving processes, which can be advantageous in competitive exams. These strategies offer alternative approaches to problem-solving, allowing individuals to enhance efficiency, creative thinking, develop critical thinking skills, etc.

•Simplification of complex problems for easier comprehension - Vedic maths techniques offer simplification methods for complex issues, making them easier to comprehend and solve. These techniques provide candidates with the following benefits, breakdown of complex problems, streamlined calculations, boosted confidence, improved problem-solving efficiency, etc.

•Pattern recognition to solve questions efficiently - Vedic maths emphasizes pattern recognition as a strategy to solve questions efficiently in competitive exams.

•Reduction of errors through structured techniques - Vedic maths employs structured techniques that contribute to the reduction of errors in competitive exams; it includes cross-checking steps, simplified and organized methods, step-by-step procedures, focus on error analysis

Vedic maths is a valuable tool for individuals preparing for competitive exams. Its ancient techniques and sutras offer numerous benefits such as time-saving shortcuts, mental calculation skills, problem-solving strategies, simplifying complex problems, pattern recognition, and reduction of errors. By incorporating Vedic maths into exam preparation, candidates can improve their calculation speed, accuracy, and problem-solving abilities, giving them an edge in competitive exams. Furthermore, Vedic maths promotes personal development, enhances learning, and provides opportunities for advancement. Overall, embracing Vedic maths can significantly contribute to success in competitive exams and pave the way for a bright academic and professional future.

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